14 July 2011

Lov3's 1st t!m3 d!nn3r w!f Us


Love's 1st time having dinner wif me 2gether wif 2 of my niece, my niece's husband and also my grandchild..
@ first me n love plan 2 spend our time 2gether but coincidentally my niece also nk klua having dinner so i've decided 'why not we having dinner together wif my fam kn love?' 
Then love agreed..
Actually that was his first time having dinner together..
I dunno how he feels but what I knw z my love quite COOL :)
n u knw what? Tgk love dat nite love cm pening2 je..
knw why? mayB cuz love surrounded by Sabahan kowt..heehe.. ('',)
Well, mesti die agak xfhm ap yg kitorg ckp..n he might wanna say..
'Hello..would u please speak slowly..m unable to understand u..Hehe'
Btw B rs dat nite seem to be d coolest nite for us rite love?
Yeah..I think so..
B rs cm cool je..pas mkn kitorg pn broom ke Chow Kit road 2k beli buah2an..
Pas2 kami pn balik la uma..
I wanna say thankz 2 love cuz sudi luangkan masa ng B walopn B taw love penat baru balik keja dat nite kn love.. ('',)

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